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Choose the right concrete grade for Your construction job:

This is a list of a few of the initial concrete grades and what they are best used for.

  • C10

    Used for: Pavement kerbs and floor blinding

  • C15

    Used for: Pavement kerbs and floor blinding

  • C20

    Used for: Domestic floors and foundations (where the weight of structure will be lighter). Also good for workshop bases, garages, driveways and internal floor slabs.

  • C25

    Used for: Construction in all areas. Multi-purpose concrete mix, usually used for foundations.

  • C30

    Used for: Pathways and roadways (this is the lowest grade concrete mix that can be used for this purpose). More durable than the grades that have come before, and thus is much more weather-resistant and can take heavy road traffic.

  • C35

    Used for: Commercial structures. This heavy concrete mix is usually used for creating external walls and slabs, as well as for structural piling.

  • C40

    Used for: Commercial construction sites, creating foundations and beams for structural support and roads. The most durable in this list, C40 can withstand chemical corrosion also, so is frequently used on farms where slurry could corrode structures, or in septic tanks.